For me, coaching is best described as a structured relationship to deliver more effective performance at work. Whilst there is a rigorous process with clear objectives ar the outset, the actual approach and tools used will reflect the needs and experience of the individual being coached. The destination may be clear but the route will vary. The initial thrust will be on the ‘here and now’ but as confidence, trust and self-awareness grow, we start looking to the future. Over my years of practice I have learnt to balance advice and challenge, pragmatism and discipline to bring out the best for myself and the person being coached.

Fundamental to my approach is extensive business experience: I have worked at board level with global organisations in the electronics, telecommmunication and financial services sectors. The common thread is organisations operating in complex, fast-moving and customer-oriented environments and in global, highly competitive markets. I have coached at the most senior levels and also with high potential people across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

My passion is to enable those individuals I work with to achieve their best in any given situation. This means understanding the ‘whole person’ and building on knowledge and experience in a way that works best for each individual.

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