We work with individuals who are at a crossroads in their career. They may be high potential executives charting their way to the top, or specialists considering whether to continue in their profession or branch out into general mamanagement. Or, perhaps they considering whether to commit to the organisation for a further period. Or, deciding to change careers but in a professional way with a planned and agreed departure. In all cases, we support our clients to make positive choices - based on aspirations, but grounded in reality. Depending on the needs, we can cover these elements: 

  • Future career and life goals. 
  • Values that guide me.
  • Understanding my strengths, skills and achievements - what I do well and gives me energy.
  • Understanding what I do not enjoy - either because it is a weakness or does not fulfil me. 
  • Ideal role(s) and oganisations. 
  • Identifying transferable skills. 
  • Reality checking, including personal and financial aspects. 
  • Exploring options. 
  • Building networks. 
  • Creating a CV. 
  • Interview skills.

"Thank you so much for your invaluable help. you helped me gain confidence and focus on looking for the right role when i felt quite lost." (environmental consultant)