Our Team

Alison Willocks

My approach to coaching is essentially client-centred and pragamatic. Supporting and challenging are equally important in the coaching relationship if it is to have high impact. My passion is to help individuals, teams and organisations achieve superior performance and respond adroitly to rapid change. Over the past decade, I have coached individuals and teams across a wide range of businesses and love the stimulation of working in new sectors.

I 'cut my teeth' within the defence industry, working in a high-tech operational environment with exacting standards. As an HR director within BAE Systems, I led significant change programmes through mergers, restructuring, downsizing, and fundamental shifts in process and technology. That experience has given me a rich and deep understanding of the way that organisations function. It helps me quickly tune in to the context in which my client operates, and accelerates the coaching process.

As well as operating throughout the UK, I also work in the USA, Europe and Asia; this has given me invaluable cross-cultural skills. On the continuing development front, I am associated with the Institute of Coaching at Harvard and have a strong interest in positive psychology and the neuroscience of leadership. In my spare time I am an avid reader and a novice golfer.