The need for cross cultural coaching is now much greater:

  • Companies are moving into new markets
  • Joint ventures between companies from different countries are common
  • Global enterprises operate across the world with dispersed offices
  • Project teams are frequently made up of many nationalities

This is much more than an extension of coaching in one's own country: special skills, relevant diagnostics - and experience - are all needed when coaching across cultures.

We have coached and run team workshops in 17 countries embracing 31 nationalities across the globe.

We use powerful online diagnostics:

International Profiler - this identifies 22 competences and attitudes for tightly focused individual development.

International Trust in Teams Indicator - measures the existing and desired level of trust in teams on 10 factors. Especially valuable with 'virtual' teams across different countries.

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"as a brit going into europe, the new role was a challenge for me. the coaching helped me understand what I needed to do differently.  it was so valuable that we have cascaded it to all 15 senior managers in the virtual team." (director british-french-italian engineering company)